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XS-01010-N Nylon Axle Spacers (.010" Thick)

SKU: XS-01010-N

XS-01010-N Nylon Axle Spacers (.010" Thick)

Note: The axle spacer product you are currently viewing is .010" thick (+/- .002"). Refer to the "Related Products" section for other thicknesses.

Experienced slot car builders and racers know the importance of axle spacers - they are very helpful when adjusting front and rear track width and allow precise adjustment of gear mesh. Slot Car Corner offers high-quality, low-friction nylon axle spacers for 3/32" axles in six (6) different thicknesses including .010", .020", .030", .040", .050" and .060". Multiple axle spacers can also be "stacked" (combined) to fill larger gaps. The wide range of thicknesses Slot Car Corner offers allow for precise adjustments when:
Positioning gears
Positioning wheels
Removing side-to-side axle slop
Axle spacers can also be placed between the chassis plate and body mounting posts to raise the body if necessary (e.g. to prevent tires from rubbing against the underside of the body).

Note: Axle spacers are sold in packages of ten (10).