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SWHC03 Porsche 935-78 MobyDick LeMans '70 Pink Pig Racer Sideway


Racer Sideways HC03 SWHC03 Porsche 935/78 Moby Dick Le Mans 1970 Pink Pig
Slot.It Flat6 motor in Racers own motor pod. Gearing is 11x28 using Slot.It SIPS11 pinion and SIGA1628-PL crown. Wheels are Slot.It SIPA17-Pl front and SIPA38-al rear. Stock rear axle carrier is zero offset. Supplied with the car are .5mm and 1.0mm offset axle carriers. Stock guide is Slot.It SICH66. Chassis is designed to accept motor pods from Slot.It