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SW37 Sideways Kremer Porsche 935-K2 #2


Racer "Sideways" 1/32 Analog RTR - Kremer Porsche 935/K2 - Team Willeme Coupes Benelux Turbowax Trophy - SPA 1980 - Driver P. Bervoets

Adjustable front axle ride height - EVO 6 type chassis configuration - Anglewinder Powertrain with mechanicals - Flat 6 Motor

Stock parts list:

Wheel insert


Motor SIMN09ch 20,500rpm with 200g/cm torque @ 12 volts

Motor pod SW/MAW

Guide SICH66

Axle f/r SIPA01-45 / SIPA01-51

Wheel front SIPA17-Pl 15X8mm plastic

Wheels rear SIPA18-Als or SIPA38-als 17x8mm Either of these wheels may be used, both have been used by Racer.

Tires front SIPT1159C1 / rear SIPT1167C1

Spur gear SIGA1628-PL 28t

Pinion SIPS11 11t