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Slot it SP43 Universal Carrera digital chip

U/M: Each

** Note:  The SP43 chip is plug n' play for Slot.It cars with a newer (late Summer 2021 onward) chassis plate designed to accomodate it.  The clip to hold the chip in place is included with the car (NOT with the SP43 chip).

Slot.It SP43 (formerly SISP43) In-car chip for Carrera D132 digital system.  Small size (25 x 15mm), comes with standard Slot.It connectors and Scalextric socket.  If the car you plan to install the chip in does not include the standard Slot.It connectors, they are available separately for purchase (Slot.It part # SP45).  External infrared LED on wires may also be used (not included - may be purchased separately).

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Assembly Instructions