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Slot.It CA39F - Lola B12/80 #70 - '16 Watkins

Driven by T. Long, J. Miller, and B. Devlin to a 5th place finish for Mazda Motorsports. 


     Scale:   1/32

     Motor:   Flat-6 20,500 rpm

     Gearing:   Anglewinder 11/32

     Magnet:   Included

     Front Wheels:   Plastic 17.3 x 8.2 x 2.5mm

     Front Tires:   Rubber PT1159C1

     Rear Wheels:   Aluminum 17.3 x 9.75 x 1.5mm

     Rear Tires:   Rubber PT1152C1

     Total Length:   148mm

     Height:   33mm

     Wheelbase:   112mm

     Width:   65mm

     Weight:   78.2g