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GA1526-PL 15mm 26t Flat Anglewinder Alum. Hub Plastic Gear

SKU: GA1526-PL

SIGA1526-PL 15mm 26 tooth Flat Anglewinder Alum Hub Plastic Gear. Fits 3/32" (2.37mm) diameter rear axle. NOTE: For Anglewinder Installation in the Audi R8C, Scale Auto Radical SR9 and the Scale Auto Toyota GT1 the Flat 6 type motor must be used because of limited clearance under the body. For the Audi R8C use a 6.5mm OD Pinion with the 15mm OD Axle Gear (SIGA1524 / SIGA1525 / SIGA1526) along with a 1mm spacer behind the gear, or alternately use a 6.0mm OD Pinion with a 16mm OD Axle Gear (SIGA1627 / SIGA1628 / SIGA1629) with a 0.75mm spacer behind the gear.