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CA47D NISSAN SKYLINE GT-R 1992 - 1st Balthurst 1000 #1 - M. Sk


1992 - 1st Balthurst 1000 #1 - M. Skaufe, J. Richards

The body weighs 20g, and the interlocking interior, like the most recent models, can be removed and replaced without any effort, reaching a weight of about 15g if a thermoformed interior is used.
The chassis is designed to directly accommodate the universal 'type C' chip (oXigen / Scalextric SSD / Carrera D132) or the new digital chip for Carrera D132; besides, the motor wiring comes with a connector that allows you to mount the digital chips without having to resort to any soldering (our future digital chips will be also made with this type of connector).
Inside the package, as an optional to be assembled on the chassis, there are two 'whiskers' to improve the support of the front of the model when cornering.
Tires that fit Quick Slicks CB32 CB33* CB34