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CA22A Lola B09-60, 24h LeMans 2010

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SICA22A - Lola B09/60, 24h LeMans 2010 Lola B09/60 Le Mans 2010
1/32 Scale Analog Slot Car
Drivers: Emanuele Pirro / Jonny Cocker / Paul Drayson

Please read this note from Maurizio of regarding an issue with the pickup on the Lola:

After a last minute production ordeal it went through:
during a routine quality inspection of the car, while in China early in March, I discovered that a last minute update on the chassis, meant to improve performance, actually created a unforeseen trouble which required a pickup update, too (reason: pickup would not stop at the end of the run). As you can imagine, it's not nice finding this out when production's finished and all cars ready to leave. I am the sole responsible for this mistake. As the cars were all ready, and a rework may have caused further trouble, I decided to update the pickup design, on the fly, and add one spare unit, as well as two new braids, under the base of the car, so that should the original pickup fail, the new and updated one, with extra braids, would have been readily available at no cost. Unfortunately, we later discovered, after reinjectiing all parts, that the mould that was used to inject the plastic pickups was damaged during normal operation, so that we had to rework the updated pickups, too! But eventually, now cars are ready. If / when the pickup that's assembled fails, use the other unit which is placed underneath the car.


20,000 rpm motor
come with Anglewinder motor.