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Setup Block 1-24

SKU: ST-07024

Tech blocks are one of those indispensible items used by slot car racers everywhere yet seldom get much attention. While most racers, particularly the more experienced racers, would readily acknowledge the usefulness of a setup block, very few get too excited when shopping for one. After all, a setup block is a setup block, right? Well we beg to differ! Slot Car Corner has earned a reputation for high-quality products - trust us when we say this setup block will only enhance our reputation! Unlike other commercially available setup blocks, ours is precision CNC machined from solid T6061 aluminum alloy. The result is a setup block that is rock solid and designed to last a lifetime. The SCC Setup Block 1:24 measures 7-1/2"L x 4"W x 5/16"D). Designed for 1/24 cars, it can also be used for 1/32 cars if you prefer a larger setup block. The block will fit into car "slides" used in many slot car boxes designed for 1/24 cars.


Deeper slot - A slot that passes all the way through the block to accommodate the deepest guide.
Longer slot - A 3" long slot (3-1/2" for 1/24 block) which allows a complete rotation of the car's tires without having to repeatedly reposition the car. This makes it much easier to observe the tire contact patch around the entire circumference of the tire.
Two (2) rulers - Permanently machined along opposite edges of the block's top surface - one in inches (.25" increments), the other in centimeters (5mm increments).
Surface shine - The amount of "shine" on the block's surface can be adjusted to suit individual preferences. When shipped, the block's surface has very little shine; however, aluminum polish can be used to produce a very shiny surface (or anything in between) if desired.
Impervious to moisture - Unlike setup blocks made from wood or particle board, aluminum will not deform if subjected to moisture or humidity.
Scratch resistant - Aluminum is far less likely to scratch than setup blocks made from wood, plastic or plexiglass
Easy to clean - Oil and other slot racing chemicals can damage setup blocks made from wood, plastic or plexiglass. With aluminum, this is not an issue - a paper towel or clean cloth is all that is required to clean the block's surface.
If you appreciate high-quality tools, treat yourself to one of our setup blocks - they'll bring a smile to your face every time you reach for it! One word of caution - don't lend it out because you won't get it back!