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SCCTGT-LG SCC Tire Gluing Tool (Large)


SCC Tire Gluing Tool (Large)

Let’s face it – gluing slot car tires is a tedious and often messy task. Depending on the method you use, it’s difficult to ensure the adhesive is spread uniformly across the entire surface where the outer surface of the wheel and inner surface of the tire meet. The result is an inconsistent bond that is prone to failure under actual race conditions.

The SCC Tire Gluing Tool takes a different approach to gluing tires. With the SCC Tire Gluing Tool, adhesive is applied uniformly across the entire surface of the wheel. You can easily see and check to coverage to ensure there are no bare spots. The tool is designed to stretch a tire slightly so it can be “dropped” onto the wheel. No more toothpicks or trying to slide the tire across the wheel (and pushing the adhesive off the wheel as you do so). You get consistent results with better adhesion which yields better performance under race conditions.

The SCC Tire Gluing Tool is available in two (2) sizes:
Small – designed for 14mm through 16.00mm wheels (including all popular 15.8mm wheels
Large – designed for 16.0mm through 17.5mm wheels (including all popular 17.3mm wheels)

Sold individually or as a set of two (2) tools that includes both sizes.
What's included:
Tire Gluing Tool
Fender Washer
Axle Stop with M2 set screw

What you'll also need:
A 54mm (or longer) 3/32" axle
A 0.035" (0.95mm) hex driver (for the axle stop)
Wheels and tires (of course!)
Tire Adhesive of your choice

Note: You are currently on the product page for the SMALL version of the SCC Tire Gluing Tool.

The SCC Tire Gluing Tool works with wheels with or without a center rib.

We’ve put together a short video that provides an introduction and tutorial. Use the following link to view the video.

SCC Tire Gluing Tool Video

Q) What types of adhesive can be used with the SCC Tire Gluing Tool?
A) There are no restrictions with respect to adhesives; however, if you plan to use a CA glue (super glue) you will need at least 30 seconds working time from the time the glue is applied to the wheel until the glue starts to setup. The how-to video shows “when” to apply the glue and subsequent steps that must be completed during the adhesive’s working time window. Be sure to follow the adhesive manufacturer’s instructions for best results and be sure to follow all applicable safety precautions.

Q) What can I do to make the tire easier to slide down the length of the tool?
A) You may have to use a little lubricant on the tool to make the tire easier to slide. If you don’t use a lubricant, the tire will roll on the tool when you go to slide it. Use a mixture of water with a couple of drops of liquid soap. Mix the water and soap thoroughly. Spread a drop or two of the mixture evenly on the outside of the tool.

Q) How do I prevent the adhesive from bonding the wheel to the fender washer included with the SCC Tire Gluing Tool?
A) As shown in the how-to video, we recommend placing a small circular disc of wax paper between the wheel and fender washer. This will help prevent any excess glue from bonding the wheel and fender washer together.

Q) How often should I clean the SCC Tire Gluing Tool?
A) The SCC Tire Gluing Tool should be cleaned immediately after a tire is glued. If you are using a silicone based adhesive or other adhesive with a long (minutes/hours) working time, you can usually wipe off any excess adhesive easily with a paper towel. Be sure to clean the recess in the tool as well. If you are using an adhesive with a shorter working time, carefully clean up as much adhesive that has not setup as possible. Any adhesive that has setup on the tool or fender washer can be cleaned using acetone. Be sure to follow the appropriate safety precautions outlined by the acetone manufacturer.

If you have any tips on using the SCC Tire Gluing Tool, please let us know. We will post them here.

"I sung the grub screw in the rim so it will hold in place when putting the tire on but loose enough where I can slide the tire and the rim off the axle. This way once you set the depth of the stopper/washer, you can easily glue multiple rims without haven’t to reset the depth of the rim in the tool."