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SCC ADJ. Front axle mounts


*** Improved *** The adjustable front axle mounts now feature special oval "point" set screws. Compared to the cup point set screws used previously, the oval point set screws allow more precise axle height adjustment and less friction. The oval point set screws are also available for purchase separately.

For those of you who like to tune your chassis by setting the height of the front axle/wheel, these adjustable front axle mounts provide an easy, precise way to do so. Two special oval point set screws, one directly above and one directly below the axle, provide an easy way to set the axle/wheel height precisely where you want it. Note also the base of the axle mount is slightly larger than the portion of the mount with the vertical slots - this provides more surface area to glue the mount securely to the chassis. Racers have used these blocks successfully on a wide variety of one piece 1/32 RTR plastic chassis.