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SC-6218D 1-32 Analog Mercedes-AMG GT3 Cup Edition Orange

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SKU: SC-6218D

SC-6218d 1/32 Analog Mercedes-AMG GT3 Cup Edition Orange
Scaleauto Mercedes-AMG GT3 Cup Edition White - 1/32 scale.
Decorated body with assembled "R" medium grey chassis with competitive tuning parts.
For or all types of tracks, supplied in special box.
Includes spare chassis "R" Hard (black), extra gear 12/27 set and decals.

In-Flex chassis design Anglewinder
RT3 Anglewinder motor mount
Long-Can motor 20,000rpm
Nylon 11t pinion and 27t gear
Aluminium rear wheels 17.5mm
Plastic front wheels 17mm
3/32 calibrated axles
Axle stopper
New sprung guide with screw
New Motor mount and body screws
Neodymium magnet
Adjustable front axle ride height
Possibility of mounting front semi-axles

Scaleauto 1/32 scale cars can be run on all international (analogue) slot racing system in 1/32 and 1/24 scale.