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SC-1603 Screw Secured Universal Club guide flag w-spacers

$5.69 $5.99
SKU: SC-1603

Scaleauto SC1603 Screw Secured Universal Club guide with spacers/shims.

Blade depth 8.3mm/.327". Shaft diameter 3.7mm/.145".

Fit Scaleauto 1/32, AvantSlot, NSR, MBSlot, FLY, FLYSlot, NINCO, MRRC, MrSlotcar, Pioneer, BNova

Re using this guide with the FLY & FLYSlot chassis: we have seen significant variability in the size of the guide post holes on FLY and on FLYSlot chassis, even from one chassis to another for the same model car. On some of the FLY/ FLYSlot chassis the guide post hole is a very snug fit around the 3.7mm shaft of this guide. gradually, enlarge the guide post hole to fit the guide. Be aware that there is some risk in using a file to enlarge the guide post hole, very little plastic needs to be removed and removing too much plastic will make the chassis unusable.