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Pot 25

SKU: Pot 25

his is a wire wound potentiometer (often called a "pot") rated at 5 watts which is well suited to most 1/32 RTR cars. These pots are a direct replacement for those found on Difalco 1/32 controllers - while they are generally reliable, it is a good idea to carry a spare in your pit box. The threaded bushing is also long enough to mount into a driver's panel/station that is up to 1/4" thick.
25 ohm - This pot works well for 1/32 braking applications such as controllers or driver's stations. For controllers with no brakes, you can also install a 25 ohm pot in the red/brake controller hookup lead (we offer a complete kit to do this). Difalco Design 1/32 controllers (DD300, DD301, DD302, DD303, DD304) use 25 ohm pots for the braking and sensitivity adjustments - this is a direct replacement.