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NSR0380SW P68 Rothmans #1 Livery SW Shark 21.5 EVO

SKU: NSR0380

NSR0380SW P68 Rothmans #1 Livery SW Shark 21.5 EVO- Setscrew Aluminum wheels all around - Sidewinder Balanced Shark Motor EVO 21,500 RPM - Adjustable suspension motor pod - Heat treated axles - Machined bronze self lubricating bushings - Adjustable front axle ride height - Ultra smooth and quiet all metal gearing - Clear Coat Finish for maximum durability and high gloss
Tires that fit Quick Slicks CB33, CB34, CB35
Complete Chassis Parts List
NSR1431 EVO Medium Chassis with Adjustable Front Axle Ride Height
NSR1272 EVO motor mount
NSR3041 Shark motor rated at 21,900 RPM 164g-cm torque
NSR4801 precision heat treated axles
NSR5001 16mm front wheels
NSR5002 16mm Air System rear wheels
NSR5250 Zero Grip hard front tires 19.5 x 8.5mm
NSR5253 Super grip rear tires 21 x 11mm
NSR4805 Self Lubricating low friction bushings
NSR6911 Extra light low friction 11 tooth pinion
NSR6032 Extra light low friction 32 tooth axle gear 17.5mm
5 position strong Neodymium traction magnet