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NC02F NINCO Modern sports car


NC02F NINCO Modern sports car
(NC02F) 0.787''/20.00mm OD - 0.425''/10.80mm Width Ninco Audi TT, BMW M3 GTR, BMW V12, Chevrolet Cruz, Corvette, DTM Mercedes, Ferrari F360, Ford GT, Honda NSX, Lamborghini Gallardo, Lamborghini Murcielago, Lexus SC430, Lotus Exige GT3, McLaren F1 GTR, Mercedes CLK, Mosler MT900, Nissan 350Z, Porsche 997, Porsche GT1, Renault Megane, Toyota Supra, Acura LMP, Mustang, Pro-­‐Race Wheel #80740 Carrera Mercedes SLR Description Quick Slicks are available in several high-performance silicone compounds for different combinations of track configuration, track surface, track power level, car/motor type, chassis setup, driving style and race strategy. Unlike our competitors' who only offer a single silicone compound, Like all Quick Slicks, gluing and truing is NOT required. However, more serious racers will often glue/true their tires to improve tire performance and overall handling.