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M2 X 4mm (10pcs-pkg) set screws, CUP Point


These are high-quality 2mm (M2) set screws in a variety of popular lengths. Requires a 0.035" hex driver. Common applications for each length include:

5mm - For applications requiring a longer M2 set screw.
4mm - Replacement/spare set screws for Super Wheels SS.
3mm - This is the most common length for M2 set screws used on 1/32 slot cars - they are used by many manufacturers to secure wheels and gears. For example, (tm) uses 3mm long M2 set screws for wheels, crown gears and spur gears.
2.5mm - Some car builders prefer a slightly shorter set screw for spur gears to prevent interference with the chassis as the gear (and set screw) rotate.
2mm - These too can be used with crown and spur gears if you want to ensure no portion of the set screw protrudes from the gear hub. Some manufacturers also use these for securing wheels (e.g. some Ninco Pro Race wheels).
Sold in packages of ten (10).