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MN09CH Flat-6 20.5k RPM Motor Low Profile Boxer Open - Closed


SIMN09CH Motor Low Profile Boxer FLAT6 20,500 RPM Open / Closed Can LOW PROFILE Boxer FLAT-6 motor - 20,500 RPM, 200 gm-cm torque with no pinion - 10 grams magnetic traction - Compatible with home racing wall pack power supplies - 2mm plain motor shaft

This new version of the standard Flat-6 motor has two different case sides - one open and one closed, merging the 'open' and 'closed' can motors in one single, double face convenient engine - The shaft, on the pinion side, is shorter than in the older versions, thus leaving more space for wheels when motor is installed in Anglewinder position.
Stock motor in all new Slot it LMP and modern GT cars, also stock motor in Sideways Group5 cars.