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Difalco Neo DD302 30-Band 1:32 Controller

SKU: DD302

The Difalco Neo DD302 is a high-performance 1:32 controller with many of the same features as the high-end Difalco Genesis controllers at a lower price point. Many of these features are not available in competitor's comparably priced controllers.
30 Bands: The 30-band design provides smoother, more precise control than comparably priced controllers.
Flexibility: Unlike resistor based controllers which are designed to work for a very narrow range of applications, the Difalco 30-band Neo controller will work with virtually any 1/32 motor.
Adjustable Braking: Provides a wide range of adjustment to match car, track and driver characteristics for optimum performance.
Adjustable Sensitivity: Provides a wide range of adjustment to match car, track and driver characteristics for optimum performance.
Traction Control: Allows racers to adjust how much voltage is sent to the track when the controller trigger is NOT in the full-on position. When the trigger is in the full-on position, the feature is bypassed (i.e. full power is sent to the track).
Resistor Network: Like the high-end Genesis 1:32 controllers, the 30-band Neo DD302 controller features a small resistor network board that plugs into the main controller board. Additional resistor network boards are available in our online store. The additional (optional) resistor networks give you the option to further tune the performance characteristics of the 30-band Neo controller to your specific requirements.
Ball Bearing Trigger With Threaded Trigger Pin: Designed for heavy-duty use and long life. The ball bearings provide silky smooth trigger action resulting in more precise control. They will not wear like standard oilites that induce trigger side play and cause poor wiper button contact. The adjustable pivot nut means even after years of heavy use your controller will never develop trigger "slop" like other brands.
Dual Polarity: The Neo DD302 is wired for positive polarity at the factory; however, this can be easily changed with a small screwdriver by the user if desired.
Design: All Difalco Neo controllers are built on a fiberglass frame with a large floating brass power contact (for maximum power transfer), stainless steel hardware, and heavy duty wire. The circuit board is nickel plated and will not corrode like plain copper designs.
Ergonomics: Difalco Neo controller feature a sturdy, comfortable Parma handle that can be used for extended periods of time without causing pain or fatique. This is the same handle used on the higher-end Genesis controllers.
Ease of Maintenance: With minimal user maintenance, your Difalco Neo controller will give you many years of trouble-free service. Clearly written maintenance instructions are included. The open frame design makes routine cleaning and maintenance quick and easy.
Service and Support: Complete troubleshooting instructions are included so in the unlikely event a problem should occur racers can quickly diagnose and fix most problems with readily available, inexpensive repair parts. No need to send your controller back to the factory or another country. In the event you need assistance, Jim at Difalco Design will be there with his 45 years of slot racing knowledge for advice or to service your controller.