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Difalco Genesis DD304

SKU: DD304

Difalco Genesis DD304
*** NEW *** The Genesis DD304 is Difalco Design's next generation 1/32 controller which incorporates several new design features including:

Extreme Stopping Power (E.S.P.) brake relay. The new E.S.P. brake relay significantly improves full brake response for scale and retro type racing. The brake relay is controlled by a tiny switch on the circuit board. When activated, the heatsink mounted relay bypasses the brake rheostat and the fuse to give the shortest resistance path and maximum braking. Since the relay does not depend on contact between the trigger and the brass brake post the braking response will not degrade because of arcing built up on the contact surfaces. This means perfect and consistent braking every time.
Improved ergonomics: All Genesis controllers now feature a cable type design. The heatsink has been moved from under the handle to the track panel - the result is a lightweight handle design with a flexible cable from the handle to the heatsink unit. All Genesis controllers also feature a new brake and transistor fuse for enhanced reliability. These controllers are positive polarity only and can not be switched to negative polarity. Note: If you require dual-polarity, DD302 HD30 dual polarity "E"motion 3 controllers can still be special ordered - contact us for details.
Two (2) models to choose from:
DD303 - Adjustable brakes, E.S.P. brake relay, adjustable sensitivity, Blast full power relay, ball bearing trigger and more (see below for complete list of features)
DD304 - Same as DD303 HD30 plus traction control (see below).
Traction Control (DD304 only): This is an optional feature which allows racers to adjust how much voltage is sent to the track when the controller trigger is NOT in the full-on position. When the trigger is in the full-on position, the feature is bypassed (i.e. full power is sent to the track). Some racers incorrectly refer to this as a "choke".