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DF157F Duel Flange


DF157F Fits: C.B. Design 17x10mm Wheels NSR, Sideways, 17x10mm Air gap duel flange Wheels O.D.: 20.05mm (.787") Width: 10.30mm (.406")
Quick Slicks exclusive None Air Gap/Duel Flange Tires are designed for NSR and Sideways double-flanged wheels that typically use tires with a small air gap between the wheel flanges. Quick Slicks has offered air gap tires for double flanged wheels for several years. However, some racers have reached out to us to see if it would be possible to use the double flanged wheels but with a tire that completely fills the gap between the flanges. Our new Quick Slicks None Air Gap Tires do just that. Initially available in three (3) sizes/diameters for NSR and Sideways 17 x 10mm double flange wheels, if there is sufficient interest Quick Slicks will offer more sizes in the future.
Quick Slicks are proudly "Made By Racers For Racers" in the U.S.A..
Quick Slicks are available in several high-performance silicone compounds for different combinations of track configuration, track surface, track power level, car/motor type, chassis setup, driving style and race strategy. Unlike our competitors' who only offer a single silicone compound, Quick Slicks gives you more tuning options by letting YOU decide which compound best meets your requirements.

The Quick Slicks shown on this page are FIRM compound silicone tires. This simply means they have a lower Shore A rating than our Extra firm Quick Slicks compounds. Like all Quick Slicks, gluing and truing is NOT required. However, more serious racers will often glue/true their tires to improve tire performance and overall handling.

tires, firm compound silicone tires are available for many popular 1:32 cars and wheels. tires, firm compound tires are also available for several 1:24 cars. Look for more Quick Slicks applications in the future.

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