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CP-02608 Body SCCrews M2.6 x 8mm

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Body SCCrews M2.6 x 8mm CP-02608
Note: The M2.6 x 8mm SCCrews are designed to replace the body mounting screws on most CARRERA slot cars. They are slightly longer than the stock screws.
Experienced 1/32 slot car builders and racers know the importance of loosening body screws to let the body "float". The same holds true for motor pods - in general a pod that "floats" will result in a better performing car. In both cases, the key to realizing improved performance is achieving smooth, consistent "float" each and every time as the body or motor pod "rolls" back and forth during cornering. While loosening the screws which secure the body or motor pod is not difficult, the threads on stock screws will often interfere or "catch" on the chassis. This is because stock body and motor pod screws are threaded along their entire length. When the threads catch or cause interference, the car's performance will be erratic (sometimes the threads interfere, sometimes they don't...). While it is possible to sand, file or grind a portion of the threads off the stock screws, doing so is very tedious and time consuming and the resulting "smooth" shank is often uneven. Fortunately, there is a much better solution!!
Introducing SCCrews - a line of high-quality body mounting screws specifically designed with the needs of 1/32 slot car racers in mind. SCCrews feature a smooth (unthreaded) shoulder which runs roughly half of each screw’s length – this design ensures smooth, consistent "float" which in turn helps improve your 1/32 slot car's performance. All SCCrews feature a philips head and black oxide finish. SCCrews are currently available in two (2) sizes/lengths; however, more sizes/applications will be available in the near future.

Note: SCCrews are sold in packages of ten (10).