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CLR Motor Wire 5' black + 5' Yellow SW-10300

SKU: SW-10300

If you're planning to replace your car's guide, don't overlook the motor lead wires! The wire we offer is perfect for scratch builders or to replace the cheap, stiff wire which comes with many 1/32 RTR cars. Designed specifically for robotic applications where the wire is under constant flexing, this wire is ideal for 1/32 slot car motor lead wires which also undergo constant flexing due to guide movement. Unlike "hook-up" wire which generally has a low strand count (typically 7 - 19 strands) and thick PVC insulation, this wire has a very high strand count (168 individual copper strands) and thin silicone insulation - both of these attributes contribute to its extraordinary flexibility and "limpness". The silicone insulation also holds up much better to soldering (high heat) than PVC insulation. Another important consideration is the outer diameter (o.d.) of the wire. If the motor lead wire is too thick, it can cause interference/binding on some cars between the chassis and body near the guide flag. SCC motor lead wire is manufactured with a thin (.006"/1.5mm o.d.), yet tough, silicone insulation - this keeps the wire o.d. to a minimum which helps eliminate interference and binding around the guide.

Black - 5'
Yellow - 5'
Our wire is made in the U.S.A.