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1:32 Nylon Guide Spacers, .010" Thick

U/M: Pkg. of 10

Note:  The guide spacer product your are viewing is .010" thick (+/- .002") .

Guide spacers are one of those "little things" that are often overlooked but can make a big difference in the performance of your car.  Slot Car Corner 1:32 Guide Spacers for RTR plastic chassis cars are useful when trying to set the height of the guide and/or to eliminate unwanted "slop" between the guide post and chassis.  We offer three (3) thicknesses - .010", .020" and .030".  Guide Spacers can be easily stacked if necessary to achieve the optimal thickness for a given guide/car.  Made from nylon which doesn't require lubrication and has a lower coefficient of friction than spacers made from metal.  Designed to fit most popular 1/32 car guides.

Package contains ten (10) guide spacers.