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CH109E - HRS2 RTR Chassis - Inline - 0.5mm Offset

$49.99 $52.99
SKU: CH109e

The HRS2 Chassis is a fully configurable, universal plastic chassis. It comprises four main parts: main chassis, front chassis, motor mount, and body mounting means.

Adjustable Wheelbase     The front chassis can be positioned freely within a wheelbase between 64 and 90mm.

Selectable Front Axle Position     The front axle can be placed in one of two possible positions, one of which is completely adjustable, making it easy to adjust the distance from the pickup.

Flexible Assembly System     The chassis and the body can be joined with either four mounting posts and cups (HRS1-style), two three-post sidebars, or on some cars, where possible, with the car's own screw holes.