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.005" Axle spacers SCC 10 pack

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SKU: .005 Ax

Experienced slot car builders and racers know the importance of axle spacers - they are very helpful when adjusting front and rear track width and allow precise adjustment of gear mesh. Clover Leaf Racing offers high-quality 3/32" axle spacers in five (5) different thicknesses. Our thinner spacers are made of stainless steel and are 0.005" or 0.010" thick. Our other thin spacers are made of low-friction nylon and are .020" thick. These are thin enough to allow precise adjustments or to take up side-to-side slop. The spacers can also be "stacked" to fill larger gaps or to precisely center crown gears on the motor shaft. The thicker spacers are made of aluminum and are .050" or .100" thick. This allows you to fill larger gaps with fewer spacers - for example, when centering a crown gear on the motor shaft.
Note: All specific size axle spacers are sold in packages of ten (10). Pictures show all five (5) sizes for comparison purposes only - when you select a specific size, you are purchasing just the spacer size which is listed in the part number.