NSR North American Nationals 2022 (5th annual)


Clover Leaf Racing has been asked to hold this year's NSR nationals.
Quick Slicks will be the sponsor of this race.

If you think you would like to enter one or both of the races please give me a heads up. We are planning on getting plaques made to commemorate the race. It is not mandatory but it would be helpful. You can send an email or just post here. If you decide to come but didn't let us know that is not a problem just wanted to get a feel for how many will be attending the race.


Date and time: October 8Th and 9th
Doors open at 8:00
Tech will start at 10:00

Saturday : First race will be Vintage GT 11:00 or after tech. We would like to have a NSR F1 race on Saturday following the Vintage GT race time permitting.
Second tech will be at 4:00 or after the end of the Vintage GT race. Second race will be NSR F1 at 5:00

Sunday : Modern GT

Entry Fees

Entry fees $20.00 per race the Saturday race the cost is $20.00 for the first race and $10.00 for the F1 race.


If it is not stated n the rules it is not legal.  If any rules or times need to be adjusted I will post them and also they will be high lighted in the rules. This is version 1.2.

2022 NSR Nationals Rules