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CA23F Porsche 911 GTI EVO 98, No.5, FIA GT 1988

U/M: Porsche 911 GTI EVO 98, No.5, FIA GT Silverstone 1988
Anglewinder Flat-6 Motor
Scalextric Digital Compatible (with installation of Slot.It SP12 digital chip)oXigen
Digital Compatible (with installation of oxigen digital chip)
Drivetrain configuration on his car is anglewinder with Flat 6 motor. The standard motor is the SIMN09H 20,500 RPM Flat 6 with 200 g-cm torque. The chassis includes the Evo 6 configuration adjustable front axle ride height and carries a very light body with overall car weight just 77 grams. Overall Length is 148mm, height 34mm, wheelbase 80mm and track is 63mm.