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SW48 Ford Capri Zakspeed Wurth-Kraus, DRM 1980


Racer Sideways Ford Capri Zakspeed Wurth/Kraus, DRM 1980 Nurburgring Winner. Driven by Klaus Ludwig.
Compatible with parts.Anglewinder Slot.It Flat6 motor in Racers own motor pod.Gearing is 11x28 using Slot.It SIPS11 pinion and SIGA1628-PL crown.Wheels are Slot.It SIPA17-Pl front and SIPA38-al rear.Stock rear axle carrier is zero offset. Supplied with the car are .5mm and 1.0mm offset axle carriers.Stock guide is Slot.It SICH66.Chassis is designed to accept motor pods from Slot.It