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RS0156 RevoSlot Dodge Viper Playstation, No.55.

U/M: Each

RevoSlot Dodge Viper Playstation, No.55.

1/32 scale slot car with professional mechanics and high quality components by BRM.

  • Aluminum floating adjustable chassis
  • 21,000 rpm motor with 12z pinion
  • Aluminum front and rear wheels with M3 screws
  • Rear high grip tires
  • Front tires low profile
  • Nylon spur gear 33t with aluminum hub
  • Aluminum motor holder
  • Brass nuts to set chassis floating
  • Amortized guide
  • Brass axle spacers
  • Ball bearings front/rear
  • Aluminum axle holders
  • Calibrated steel axles ø3mm

    Note:  You will need a 1.5mm hex driver for the wheels, gears, etc..