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NSRSET18 Porsche 908/03 Gulf Nurburgring 1971, No.2


NSR SET18 Porsche 908/03 Gulf Nurburgring 1971, No.2, Sidewinder.  Historic Line Limited Edition.

NSR Historic Line - The cars that made the history of motorsport
LeMans, Nurburgring, Sebring, Daytona...
The Historic Line was born from the desire to enhance the cars that contributed to making motorsport history on the most important tracks.
It is a tribute to those cars who have made this sport great and who have given thousands emotions to all motorsport lovers.

These sets are "limited edition", only 999 pieces are available over the world for each car.
They comes with 3 informative cards and with NSR warranty seal:

  1. NSR card with company history
  2. Technical card with car silhouette, limited edition number and short description of the car and its position in the race.
  3. Thank you card for the purchase

NSR 1/32 slot cars are made in Italy and are fitted with performance chassis and racing parts.

  • High tech NSR components
  • Competitive straight out the box
  • Shark 21.5 Evo 21,900 rpm motor
  • Special aluminum rims with AIR SYSTEM technology
  • Adjustable front axle ride height
  • NEW racing bushings for Motor mount EVO
  • All NSR cars are produced and tested exclusively in the NSR Factory, Italy

Tires that fit Quick Slicks CB34XF or CB34F