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C4216 Chevrolet Camaro - 1973 Spa 24hrs

SKU: C4216

Chevrolet Camaro - 1973 Spa 24hrs - James Hunt & Richard Lloyd
Despite being better known as the 1976 Formula One world champion driving a McLaren James Hunt raced a number of other cars before his career reached the stratosphere. In 1973 he and Richard Lloyd shared this Camaro at the Spa 24 hours. The machine was essentially a road car, but the skill of James still saw it line up 24th on the capacity grid. Unfortunately, a clutch issue saw the car fail to finish, but soon enough James Hunts abilities would come to the attention of all on the world stage! This James Hunt Camaro is a great addition to any collection, especially those focusing on F1 champions or us Muscle Cars!
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