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NSR0051SW Audi R8 ADAC GT Masters Nurburgring 2012 #40

$68.99 $78.99

NSR0051SW Audi R8 ADAC GT Masters Nurburgring 2012 #40
NSR 1/32 Analog RTR Audi R8 ADAC GT Masters Nurburgring 2012 #40 - Adjustable front axle ride height - Drop Arm type Guide Flag with Screw to Allow Fixed Position - Setscrew Aluminum wheels all around - SIDEWINDER Balanced Shark Motor 25,000 RPM & 176 g-cm Torque - Heat treated axles with self lubricating bushings - Ultra smooth and quiet all metal gearsd - Adjustable suspension motor pod - Clear coat finish over paint and Tampo printing for maximum durability and gloss

Complete Chassis Parts List :
NSR1402 Medium black chassis
NSR1234 Guide drop arm 64mm Xhard Red
NSR1264 Triangular Sidewinder motor support Xhard Red
NSR3003 Shark 25k short can motor, 25,000rpm 176 gr-cm
NSR4802 precision and very strong 54mm x 3/32" diameter axles
NSR5003 aluminum 17mm. diameter ‘front - NO air system’ 4/40 set screw front wheels
NSR5004 aluminum 17 mm. diameter 'Air System' #4-40 set-screw rear wheels
NSR5226 ‘Zero Grip’ hard front rubbers 18 x 8mm
NSR5230 ”Supergrip' rear softer rubbers, 20 x 11mm
NSR4803 Machined bronze self lubricating bushings
NSR7113 Extralight low friction 13t pinion
NSR6531 Extralight low friction 31t red Anglewinder gear
NSR4841 Low friction racing pickup guide
NSR4815 Axle spacers 3/32 0.080" brass (1 pc)
NSR4817 Axle spacers 3/32 0.120" brass (1 pc)

Release Date 16 November 2017